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Dein Eingang in die Welt des JOYclub» Die Community für lustvolles Leben ➤​kostenlose Anmeldung ✹ geprüfte Mitglieder ✹ diskret, sicher und seriös ✹ uvm. Direkt nach dem Login siehst du auf einen Blick alle wichtigen Neuigkeiten im JOYclub. Mein JOYclub. FAQ: Häufig gestellte Fragen. Wie komme ich zur Startseite. Log in with Facebook. The logo of Germany's most popular erotic portal – JOYclub JOYclub username: Password: Email: Log in with Facebook. Simplified. Log in as invisible. Log in with Facebook. The logo of Germany's most popular erotic portal – JOYclub; English; Register for free; Login. Menu. Discover JOYclub​. Your Club App. enables a respectful cooperation. is exclusive, but open to anyone who accepts the club rules. bietet einen geschützten Raum für deine.

Joy Club Login

The dating site now boasts at least 3 million members worldwide, with 27% of the member base composed of open-minded couples. It has over , active. Log in as invisible. Log in with Facebook. The logo of Germany's most popular erotic portal – JOYclub; English; Register for free; Login. Menu. Discover JOYclub​. Joyclub-Sexkontakte to go? Joyce - Was kann die App vom Joyclub? Anmeldung via Facebook möglich; Nutze deine Joyclub Login-Daten; Registrierung. There are a number of ways to manage your messages on your read more ClubMail page. Send message to support. What are the security precautions that JOYclub offers? Spannend Free Csgo Gambling, das Joyclub nahezu keine aktive Werbung macht. Another photo? Change password. Ausgewählte Magazinbeiträge werden dir auch auf deiner Pinnwand Spielothek in finden Plasten Beste GroРЇ. Many clubs and events partner with JOYclub to host swinger parties. Sending clubmail messages is free There is a viewable matches list for you You can rate members whether you like them or not Sending pictures is only for paid subscribers; free members can only receive. To delete the label, just click on the button and confirm the deletion. Https:// Mann.

The means to reporting violations depend on where you've accessed the questionable content. You can contact the support team using the following link: Contact support.

Login for members. Login Forgot your password? What is JOYclub? Send message to support. Profile Name change. You can change your username here.

Change date of birth. You can change your date of birth here. Gender change solo, couple, new partner, …. Warning: If you change your sex, you must submit a new video verification!

Forgot your password. Please use the forgotten password function to set a new password. This will include a link to reset your password.

Change password. You can change your password at any time here in the profile management. Why was my profile text rejected? Your profile content should meet the following guidelines: Personal qualities, meaningful descriptions Sophisticated and stylish text Avoid explicit language, comply with measures for the protection of minors No dummy text Note:Use our text editor to format your texts and break them up with emoticons.

What are specials rose, etc. What happens when I send a special? How do I send a special? How do I see who has sent me a special? Overview of specials: rose, kiss, owl and more.

The rose Roses have long been a symbol of love and friendship. The kiss You can only send kisses to members on your friends list. The smile You can send someone a smile for 50 coins.

The bee JOYclub moderators and group moderators can send bees to particularly active group members. The owl Chat moderators can send owls to particularly attentive members to thank them for their contributions.

The harp Our JOY Angels may send an angelic harp to thank members for their tireless and voluntary dedication to keeping a forum more pleasant.

The donkey The JOY team sends cuddly donkeys to particularly ambitious members. Time-sensitive specials Every day, certain specials will become available at specific times.

Midnight ghost The midnight ghost haunts JOYclub for an hour after midnight every night. The early bird The early bird flutters through JOYclub every morning between the hours of 4 and 7am.

The morning coffee You can send a fresh cup of coffee with your ClubMail every morning from 7 to 9am. The good-night star You can send a good-night star every evening between 11pm and midnight to ensure the recipient has sweet dreams.

Event-related specials Specials that can only be sent on particular occasions. The full moon Only available on the evening of the full moon — invites someone to dance in the moonlight.

Note:There are other seasonal or event-related specials, such as a sun to mark the first day of summer.

How can I hide my online status? When you start entering your username, the checkbox will appear automatically and the function can be activated by ticking the box.

Click on the menu button, top right. Here, you can click on the appropriate option and change your online status.

What do the coloured tick marks mean? White tick mark This user has been successfully verified via the authentication check.

Green tick mark In addition to completing the authentication check, this user was marked by 5 other verified members as a personal contact.

Red tick mark This user is a VIP member. How can I link to another profile? How can I deactivate or delete my profile? Please note that deleted profiles cannot be recovered.

Photos 4. How can I delete photos? Why was my photo declined? If a photo was declined, it is likely due to one of the following reasons: Photos of children or teenagers are completely taboo.

Please understand that as an erotic community, we do not allow any reference to sex and children, even in the most remote sense.

Contact details email addresses, phone numbers, messenger usernames, apps are not allowed. Images glorifying violence, radical ideas or serious threats and injuries are not permitted.

Likewise, we do not allow weapons aimed directly at the camera. We ask you to refrain from depicting caviar games or other extreme fetishes.

Due to the encrypted nature of QR codes and bar codes, and the associated efforts involved with checking linked content, we do not allow them in photos.

There are several reasons why you might be unable to view images. Blocked photo server When using Firefox, you may accidentally block our photo server.

How do images get in the gallery? ClubMail 2. How do I manage my ClubMail? Mark ClubMail as read or unread To mark a ClubMail as read, click the red badge on the message in your mailbox.

Tag, delete or report ClubMail You can find this function in the options menu. Remove or delete group ClubMail You can move a ClubMail group from your inbox to the archive or permanently delete it by clicking on the gear symbol on the contact box and selecting the appropriate option.

ClubMail symbols ClubMail symbols are displayed in front of every subject line and tell you the status of the message.

Mark as unread — You can mark a message as unread with a single click. Remove - You can move a message to the archive with a single click.

Undo archiving — You can move the message back to your inbox with a single click. Unread by recipient - The recipient has not read this message yet.

Read by recipient - The recipient has already read this message. Who can receive ClubMail and to whom can I send them?

Who can receive ClubMail? To whom can I send ClubMail? Video Verification - combined age and authentication check 3. What is the point of the video verification?

How does video verification work? Step 1: Accessing the video verification. This page explains the verification process. Please read this page carefully so that the subsequent video can be recorded without any problems.

Step 2: Complete the preparations according to the instructions. If you are verifying as a couple, both of you should to be visible in the video.

Step 3: In order to quickly carry out the verification, please ensure your camera lens is clean and you are recording in a well-lit area.

You should set the recording on your device to the highest quality possible. Step 4: Once you have made a recording of yourself, you can submit it for verification or re-record if needed.

If you meet all the video requirements and we are able to ascertain from the video that you are of legal age, then your age and authenticity will be confirmed.

We reserve the right to ask you to provide proof of identity if there is any doubt about your age or authenticity. What costs are involved?

Contacts and friends 4. How do I ignore members and how do I stop ignoring them? How do I edit my contacts? There are three different ways to edit your contacts: 1.

Detailed editing of individual contacts In addition to the actions available with the quick edit buttons, the detailed contact overview allows you the option of making notes for each individual contact and saving their information into folders.

Edit several contacts at the same time You also have the ability to edit multiple contacts at once. You can edit several contacts at once by ticking the boxes next to their usernames.

Then, from the bottom right, select one of the following actions to apply to all the selected contacts: Add the selected contacts to one of your folders Delete the selected contacts Display the selected contacts on your wall View the selected contacts in Messenger.

How do I cancel or change a rating? How can I remove a match? Membership 2. What are coins? How do I get them? What can I do with them?

What can I do with coins? How do I buy coins? How do I give coins away? Where and how do I redeem a voucher?

Birthday voucher Please redeem your birthday voucher directly via the ClubMail link you received so we can credit you an extra month.

Premium voucher Redeem this voucher once your current membership has been cancelled or expired. Protection of minors 5.

What do I need to pay attention to in regards to the protection of minors? How does JOYclub regulate the protection of minors? Diese Abostruktur ist zugegebenermassen etwas kompliziert und auf den ersten Blick schwer durchschaubar.

Alles in allem liegen die Preise bei Joyclub jedoch im eher moderaten Bereich. Bei Joyclub sieht man lediglich den Benutzernamen und Fotos von den anderen Mitgliedern.

Achten Sie bei der Anmeldung darauf, nicht ein reines Portrait-Foto hochzuladen, wenn Sie vollkommen anonym bleiben wollen.

Viele Mitglieder anonymisieren ihre Fotos auch mit eingefügten Sonnenbrillen, schwarzen Balken oder Unschärfen im Gesicht. Für Mitglieder besteht ausserdem sie Möglichkeit der Echtheitsprüfung: Dabei erfolgt eine Profilüberprüfung, wobei das Mitglied ein Foto von sich inclusive handgeschriebenem Zettel mit Datum darauf an den Kundendienst von Joyclub schicken.

Die Echtheitsprüfung wird anschliessend im Profil angezeigt, was einen Vertrauensbonus bei anderen Mitgliedern bewirkt.

Dennoch raten wir davon ab, im Profil echte Personendaten zu hinterlegen, über die Sie im Zweifelsfall identifizierbar wären.

Die Webseite ist in edlem schwarz gestaltet. Für neue Mitglieder ist Joyclub unübersichtlich, weil hier deutlich mehr Funktionen als bei anderen Seitensprung-Vermittlungen angeboten werden.

Mit ein bisschen Geduld und Neugier hat man die verschiedenen Funktionen schnell durchschaut. So ist es anfangs sogar von Vorteil, wenn man noch nicht alle Funktionen nutzen kann, man wäre schlicht überfordert.

Die Community besteht aus ganz unterschiedlichen Menschen mit unterschiedlichem Bildungsgrad. Allen gleich ist ein ausgesprochenes Interesse an erotischen Dingen und die Neugier auf sexuelle Abenteuer.

Basis-Mitgliedschaften sind gratis und bedürfen daher keiner Kündigung. Etwas anders ist es bei den Plus- und Premium-Mitgliedschaften. Wurden diese über NetDebit bestellt, handelt es sich um ein Abos, welches sich automatisch um die gleiche Abozeit verlängert.

Mitgliedschaften hingegen, die per Überweisung oder Bareinzahlen gezahlt wurden, bedürfen keiner Kündigung, da sie nach Ablauf der Laufzeit auslaufen.

Joyclub wird seinem Namen gerecht: es ist eine riesige Spielwiese für erotische Abenteurer und solche, die gern etwas neues ausprobieren wollen.

Joyclub sollten Sie sich anschauen. Diese Erotik-Community in dieser Form einzigartig in Deutschland. Startseite Singlebörsen Partnervermittlung Seitensprungvermittlung Ratgeber.

Für ungeprüfte Frauen, Männer und Paare fallen folgende Gebühren an: 9. JOYclub is not responsible for texts and photos uploaded by members.

The members are fully responsible for their activities, posts and content and are required to comply with all legal requirements.

We do not tolerate any legal violations and cooperate fully with appropriate authorities. If you recognise any copyright infringements on JOYclub, such as by the use of photos or text, please let us know using the 'Report image' or 'Report profile' buttons directly in the profile.

You can also send our support team a link to the content. Please give evidence of your rights in the message so we can rectify the copyright infringement as quickly as possible.

We help handle copyright infringements — even on our own part — quickly and constructively. Send message to customer support. The protection of minors is a priority at JOYclub.

We comply with all applicable laws in this area and act on any violations in text or photos posted by our members.

Joy Club Login Joy Club Login Note:The number of labels you can create and the number of ClubMails you can permanently tag depend on your membership type. Security Is using JOYclub safe? Zurück zum Inhaltsverzeichnis Zurück zum Inhaltsverzeichnis. Can I cancel my JOYclub membership anytime? On the one hand, if you are a business looking to promote services on the site, along with the other details needed above, you also need to declare what kind of business you provide. All members can join any group. This page is also in Beste finden Spielothek Ottmarshausen directory of nearby events from listed swinger clubs, bars, or studios, where you can join and register through JOYclub. Sexkontakte to go - wir haben die App Joyce für dich getestet. In order to make a transparent and fair system, we've come up with clear and simple guidelines to protect minors on our Usa Zukunft we acknowledge these may be somewhat stricter than necessary at times.

Joy Club Login Video

Copy this code and paste it into the desired place within your post. Just like in the real world, we have a few rules see more make sure everyone gets. Vermittlungsprinzip: Kontaktbörse - Partner suchen und anschreiben. Basis-Mitgliedschaften sind gratis und bedürfen daher keiner Kündigung. White tick mark This user has been successfully verified via the authentication check. Die Community ist äusserst aktiv - ca. Legislators prescribe several possible age verification systems. Confirming your age with the video verification is free and permanent as a Premium member. Achten Bedeutung Pik KГ¶nig bei der Anmeldung darauf, nicht ein reines Portrait-Foto hochzuladen, wenn Sie vollkommen anonym bleiben wollen. The dating site now boasts at least 3 million members worldwide, with 27% of the member base composed of open-minded couples. It has over , active. Das Anmelden auf unserer Webpräsenz ist aktuell nicht möglich. Wir informieren Sie sobald die Funktion wieder aktiviert wird. Der Online Shop steht Ihnen. Joyclub-Sexkontakte to go? Joyce - Was kann die App vom Joyclub? Anmeldung via Facebook möglich; Nutze deine Joyclub Login-Daten; Registrierung. joy. Joyclub de login. Folglich gibt es keine Applikation für Ihr Smartphone oder Tablet. Spannend ist, das Joyclub nahezu keine aktive Werbung macht. Folglich​. ClubJoy Germany Nachrichten, Erkenntnisse und Trends aus den Bereichen Fitness, Gesundheit und Ernährung regelmässig kostenlos bis in Ihren. For queries. It usually shows you Oksen you are nearby the location of their desired meet-up. JOYClub is a dating site for real erotica, which is why it offers special features that maximize pleasure Super6 their users:. My question does not fit into any other category. Wenn dir ein bestimmtes Mitglied nicht zusagt, kannst du Nachrichtenverläufe löschen und User blockieren.


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